Smart Brake Light Module™

Automatically flash your brake lights whether you slow down using your brakes or engine braking.

$ 69.95

The World's Most Advanced Brake Light Safety Module! 

Detects When You're Slowing

GearBrake knows when you slow down...for any reason. GearBrake signals the drivers behind you, even when you don't use the brakes. Rolling off the throttle, engine braking, downshifting; your stock brake light DOES NOT COME ON!  GearBrake automatically flashes the tail light on your motorcycle or scooter, giving the drivers behind you more time to react!

Provides a Rear Flashing Alert

GearBrake reacts automatically with a 2 second pulsing alert, then solidly illuminates the brake light until you release the brake, grabbing the attention of following vehicles to let them know you are slowing.

Easy To Install

Install kits using factory connectors are available for most models.  We can make custom Plug-n-Play harnesses for nearly all models of bikes.  Just select "CUSTOM PLUG-N-PLAY KIT" if you don't see your model listed and we will build one just for you.

Made In the USA

GearBrake is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

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GearBrake's Safety Features Are Based on Research

One second could save your life

An extra 1 second of warning time can prevent 90 percent of rear-end collisions. (NTSB)

Pulsing lights get attention

Pulsing brake lights can improve reaction times by 50% compared to standard brake lights. (NHTSA)

29% of wrecks are rear-end collisions

The major causes are distracted drivers and the inability to detect slowing traffic. (NTSB)

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Customer Approved

"The GearBrake module installed with no problem on my '15 Victory. It's a great idea in both concept and execution, in that it provides a much-needed safety feature and also works flawlessly (lights up when appropriate, without false brake signals). Thank you!"
-Mike D.

"Great communication, Great Service, Great product.....Instantly noticed the difference when I got on the road."
-Neil R.

"I ride my Vespa S150 all over with my 9 year old daughter riding pillion. Gearbrake is an important part of our safety equipment. It catches the driver's attention and keeps us safe on the road."
-Mark R.

"Just wanted to comment on the Gear Brake Smart Brake system. I installed the module on my 2001 Valkyrie Interstate last summer in approx 20 minutes. Two days after installation my wife and I were on a group ride and a couple of other riders approached me after riding behind me for several miles and wanted to know why the brake lights were flashing when they did not see me apply the brakes. I informed them about the Gear Brake and they all agreed that it really got their attention when I was decelerating where in the past they only noticed the deceleration after they were closing in on the back of the bike. I also noticed that more cage vehicles were noticing the brake lights when I slowed as they were keeping their distance better than at any previous time when I rode. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to feel safer while riding. I have had nothing but positive comments regarding the Gear Brake system and feel that this product is a Must Have for every rider on the road. Great Job Chris & Jason!!!"
-Larry Clark, Vice President, Bluegrass Motorcycle Riders