New Products From GearBrake!

Posted by Chris Bailey on March 29, 2016. 0 Comments

New stuff from GearBrake, and a teaser…

Look for a bevy of new products from the folks behind GearBrake this spring, including GearBrake for trailers, LED lights in various colors and an accessory power output.

The company already has released a Motor Cycle Charging Station, which retails for just $19.95.

So what exactly does this new power output do?

“The majority of motorcycles don’t have any kind of power outlet to charge your phone or power devices like GPS,” GearBrake CEO Chris Bailey said in an email. “What we did was take a power outlet and combine it with our knowledge of motorcycle wiring connectors to allow people to simply plug in this charger to their vehicle. This saves them from having to locate and cut the appropriate wires.”

According to Bailey, the new product we should be keeping an eye on is Revio. The teaser website for the product says: “Connected technology that protects you and your ride. Track every aspect of your ride with a suite of performance and safety features to keep you riding safe and secure.” —Melissa Chipman


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