The Basics of Selecting a Motorcycle Insurance Policy

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There are a few key coverages to pay attention to when selecting motorcycle insurance.  Here are the top 4 things to look for when selecting a policy.


The most obvious coverage is Liability coverage, this covers you hurting someone or damaging property while driving your motorcycle. It works just like liability for car insurance and covers not only settlements against you, but also attorney fees in the event you get sued.  Most states require liability coverage by law.

Comp & Collision

The next coverage to pay attention to is comp and collision for your bike, it works just like comp and collision for car insurance and pays to fix your bike in the event of an accident, hail, theft and so on. Pay attention to the deductibles you select, the higher the deductible the cheaper your insurance, but you’ll pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage, covers the driver for bodily injury, this is optional and is generally expensive and as a result most motorcyclists do not purchase. As long as you have decent health insurance you could file any claims on your health insurance so you might not need this, but if you do not have health insurance coverage this might be worth considering.

Passenger & Pedestrian PIP

Passenger and Pedestrian PIP coverage is required by law and covers injuries to passengers on your motorcycle with you as well as any pedestrians you might accidentally run into. This should be automatically included on all quotes, but always check to make sure.

Those are the basics of motorcycle insurance but if you’re not sure about the coverages that are right for you, always ask an agent that knows what they’re doing and they’ll be happy to help.  

Special thanks to our insurance extraordinaire, Mark Mucci, for contributing to this post.  He can be reached below for any questions you might have.

Mark Mucci
Garrett-Stotz Co.


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