5 Reasons to Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

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Riders with no experience or 30 years of experience will benefit from the Basic Rider Course.  Discussions include the risk involved, how much of that risk a person is willing to accept and then how to manage that risk.  They start with riding gear, then the controls on a motorcycle and how to properly mount a motorcycle all the way through teach and practicing the life-saving techniques on how to properly swerve and do emergency stops. The training will catch up an individual’s skill level to where everyone can learn something new.

1:  Learn new skills

Regardless of your current skills, there is always more to learn.  There are motorcycle safety courses offered for a range of riders from people who have never been on a bike to people that have ridden for years.

2:  Gain confidence

One of the most important factors in enjoying your ride is a feeling of confidence in every move you make.  The added skills you can learn at a safety course will give you a boost in confidence.

3:  Save money

Many insurance companies offer discounts of 10-15% for having completed a motorcycle safety course.  Check with your insurance company to see if you qualify.

4:  Get your license

Many states allow for a permit and license endorsement to be given at completion of the course.  If you are thinking about getting your permit, save some time and kill two birds with one stone.  Does anyone really like the DMV anyway?

5:  Ride safer

Riders that have completed the course are less likely to be in an accident or have an injury.  Protect yourself, your rider and your bike.

Find a class near you with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Another great resource is ABATE.  ABATE is involved with education, rider’s rights and philanthropic activities.  Search online for your local ABATE.


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