16 Innovative Bike Designs over the Past 6 Years

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Motorsports fans and innovators have been making a lot of noise about the bikes provided in this list.  The big players are industrial engineers on a mission to build environmentally friendly bikes.  You’ll see a trend in the number of famous motorcycle designers trying to make the fastest electric bike or a stylish design for everyday use.  Major manufactures like BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Toyota, and Lotus are also building concept bikes that will change the market place.  Take a quick peak and see if you can imagine any of these products making a splash in the near future.



Ecofriendly Honda

Hydrogen Fuel Concept Motorcycle.
Honda, 2008.



Concept Bike that automatically lowers the frame when not in
motion, and elevates it again once you’re in motion.
Yamaha, 2009.


Motorbike 2050

Nuclear Energy Concept Bike.
Romain Herment, 2009.

bmw e 100r concept electric motorcycle by miika ma

BMW E 100R

Electric Motor Concept Bike.
Miika Mahonen, 2010.


carrera raptor rs by adrian carrera 1

Carrera Raptor RS

Zero-Emission Racing Motorcycle.
Adrian Carrera, 2010.


AER Electric Concept Motorcycle

Electric Racing Motorcycle.
Andre Federico, 2010.

HR26-NES, Electric Motorcycle, Helder Rodrigues

HR26-NES Electric Motorcycle

Electric Racing Motorcycle.
Helder Rodrigues, 2010.


Zero Moto

Zero Emissions 4 Wheel Electric Motorcycle.
Wes Rhoad. 2010.

frog ebike concept is inspired from yamaha fz750 - DOC449030

Frog eBike

Electric Motor Concept Bike.
Yamaha, 2012.



Gyroscopically Stabilized Electric Motorcycle.
Ben J. Poss Gulak, 2012.

Innovation or Invention? - Gyroscopically Stabilized Electric Motorcycle

Lit Motors C-1

Gyroscopically Stabilized Electric Motorcycle.
Lit Motors, 2012.



Toyota i-ROAD

Motorcycle, Scooter, Trike, Electric Car Mashup.
Toyota, 2013.


Lotus C-01

4-Stroke V-Twin Motorcycle.
Lotus, 2014.

Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle (© Johammer)

Johammer J1

Electric Motor Concept Bike.
Johammer, 2014.

Local Motors Racer

Formula 1 vintage racing bike.
Local Motors, 2014.


Electra Glide

Electric Bike.
Harley Davidson, 2014.


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