Top 10 Biker Movie/TV Shows to Watch

Posted by Jason Harrington on October 14, 2014. 0 Comments

By Jason Harrington

If you call yourself a biker, then chances are your favorite biker movie is on this list. I recently took the time to rank my Top 10 biker movies or TV shows. What are your favorites? Possible spoilers contained.

Honorable Mention:  Beyond the Law (1992)

This film stars Charlie Sheen and Michael Madsen and is based on a true story. Sheen plays an undercover cop who must infiltrate a motorcycle gang to bring down their drug/gun smuggling operation. To gain the gang’s trust, Sheen must push the limits of right and wrong. This film was highly recommended by friend and fellow biker Zach Oswalt, so I had to add this to the original list as an honorable mention

Favorite Scene:

Charlie Sheen’s character must prove his allegiance...

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