Automotive Smart Brake Light Module™


The World's Most Advanced Brake Module

Detects When You're Slowing

GearBrake knows when you're engine braking, downshifting or using the brakes and will flash the brakes, automatically.

Provides a Rear Flashing Alert

GearBrake uses a 2 second pulsing alert to grab the attention of following vehicles and let them know you are slowing.

Easy To Install

Installation is easy, requiring only a wire stripper and the included installation manual.

Made In the USA

GearBrake is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.


GearBrake's Safety Features Are Based on Research

One second could save your life

An extra 1 second of warning time can prevent 90 percent of rear-end collisions.

Pulsing lights get attention

Pulsing brake lights can improve reaction times by 50% compared to standard brake lights.

29% of wrecks are rear-end collisions

The major causes are distracted drivers and the inability to detect slowing traffic.

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Customer Approved

"The GearBrake module installed with no problem on my '15 Victory. It's a great idea in both concept and execution, in that it provides a much-needed safety feature and also works flawlessly (lights up when appropriate, without false brake signals). Thank you!"

-Mike D.

"Great communication, Great Service, Great product.....Instantly noticed the difference when I got on the road."

-Neil R.

"I ride my Vespa S150 all over with my 9 year old daughter riding pillion. Gearbrake is an important part of our safety equipment. It catches the driver's attention and keeps us safe on the road."

-Mark R.



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